Bitcoin Store Endorsement Continues To Expand

Bitcoin Store Endorsement Continues To Expand

If you have bitcoins to spend or are about to accept bitcoin for payment from your clients, this is an article you would want to read.

We’ve not only seen bitcoin prices surging in the recent months, but store acceptance of the digital currency has also continued to expand. From buying games online to paying for a car purchase, bitcoin is simplifying transaction for merchants and consumers alike.

Business that accept bitcoin payment

Here is a list of large and small brands that would be glad to accept your bitcoins as a payment for their products or services. However, this list is only a tiny representation of stores and businesses accepting bitcoin payments because merchant endorsement of bitcoin is growing rapidly. For instance, about 20,000 Japanese merchants will be accepting bitcoin by the end of 2017, suggesting a fivefold growth in bitcoin store locations in the country from the prior year.

CJS-CDKey: buy game CDs using bitcoin

Online vendor of games CD Keys, CJS-CDKeys, recently announced that its customers can now pay for Steam CD Keys using bitcoins. Acceptance of bitcoin payment at CJS-CDKey has been made possible through a partnership with Bitpay, a bitcoin payment processor. According to CJS-CDKey, it moves more than 1,000 keys each day and accepting bitcoin will expand payment options for its customers, possibly boosting sales.

Zynga, a publisher of games for mobile and other devices, also accepts bitcoin payment for its titles.

Overstock: pay for furniture with bitcoin
Overstock, an online discount retailer that sells everything from electronics to furniture, made history as the first major retailer to endorse bitcoin payment. Though the retailer initially limited bitcoin acceptance to its US stores, shoppers from more than 100 countries including Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Germany and China can now pay for purchases on Overstock using bitcoins. Home Depot also accepts bitcoin payment.

Newegg: use bitcoin to purchase a computer

Bitcoin holders can also spend them on purchases at Newegg, the retailer that carries products including computer hardware and software. Though Newegg has been accepting bitcoin payment for quite a while, the company recently reorganized its ranking of payment options and ended up placing bitcoin above PayPal and credit card, signaling bitcoin’s growing prominence at the company.

Microsoft: buy Xbox games using bitcoin

Microsoft accepts bitcoin as a payment for digital content such as apps and games that can be used on its Windows devices such as Windows phones and Xbox gaming console.

Dell: pay by bitcoin to upgrade your computer system

Dell is another major US multinational technology company that accepts bitcoin for payment for a variety of products that include computer hardware. When the company started accepting bitcoin, it offered customers discounts of up to 10% on high-end products as the Alienware PCs.

Tesla Motors: bitcoin can get you an electric car

Tesla Motors, a prominent manufacturer of electric cars, accepts bitcoin as a payment for vehicle purchases. The company even accepted bitcoin as a reservation deposit for its Model 3 car that is yet to enter the market. Besides producing cars powered by battery energy instead of fossil fuels, Tesla is also developing autonomous driving technology for its vehicles.

Dish Network: pay for TV subscription with bitcoin

Satellite television provider Dish Network also allows its customers to pay their subscription in the form of bitcoin. Besides satellite pay-Tv service, Dish Network also offers an online video service akin to Netflix called Sling TV.

Intuit: buy QuickBooks using bitcoin

Finance professionals looking for financial and tax software can turn to Intuit if they have bitcoins to spend on such purchases. Intuit is the name behind QuickBooks accounting software.

Expedia: pay for air tickets with bitcoin

Tourists looking to pay for air tickets or hotel rooms using bitcoins can turn to travel booking agency Expedia.

Etsy marketplace

More than 90 vendors on handcraft marketplace Etsy accept bitcoin payment.

Increasing vendor acceptance of bitcoin is great for the future of the cryptocurrency as it not only expands the opportunity for holders to spend their bitcoins but also gives the digital money more credibility.