Welcome to our bitcoin faucet

Bitcoin faucet

Claim your free bitcoins! The faucet is paying out up to 200 satoshi every 10 min.

Auto payouts

Payouts are done automatically once per day for all accounts over 15000 Satoshis.


Use the faucet for more than 15 consecutive days and you will get a 5% bonus for all your claims.

Welcome to bitcoinexpose.com!

This site hosts a bitcoin faucet to help you make bitcoins for free.

You can access the bitcoin faucet or check your balance but remember that you need to create an account in order to claim your profits.

Please check the about page to see why I decided to build this website.

I am going to document my experience building this faucet, if you find this interesting, then read on!

Try the Bitcoin faucet now! Make Bitcoins

Use the faucet to gain a tiny portion of a bitcoin every 10 minutes.
Keep using the faucet for 15 consecutive days and you will receive a bonus of 10% and 20% after 30 days.
We will receive a commission from the advertisements.

Developing the faucet:

Part 1: How I set up the bitcoin faucet